Welcome to the update train for cancer research! Great new stuff is happening all the time and I have finally hit on this as the best way to keep buyers of my cancer eBooks up to date. Instead of having to do a new book every so often, I just post here.

It’s a lifetime membership! You don’t have to renew. It’s not shareable: if our system picks up the fact that your account is being accessed from 2 or more geographical locations, it will shut you down until you have chance to explain yourself!

So, just click around and find good stuff. Most of the research papers you will find under the tab RESEARCH LATEST.

Stay informed and stay well!


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  1. I have a pretty comprehensive library on cancer, it’s prevention and treatment (with good medicine, not cut/burn/poison) and your work is a most valuable addition. Thanks for your hard work and sharing your goldmine with us!

  2. I really appreciate all the hard work that you do and your deep passion for longevity and optimum health for all. Thank you for your great service!

  3. Greetings, Dr K,,,,,,,,,,
    For many years, I have been following the research reporting of Bill Henderson, and the publisher Lee Euler and his stable of authors. Kelley Eidem and his book about Dr Rivici is another standout. Dr Jonathon Wright has been on my shelves the longest.
    I am pleased now to be collecting your very intelligent and philosophical ebooks and reports, which help me to help others, ie., family and friends. I especially like your info on energy medicine.
    Max regards

  4. I had a reading with Frank Kinslow. He told me he went to see you in London for allergy treatment. He could not say enough good things about you. I love your book on energy medicine.

    • It is my thoughts that it was energy medicine that Jesus used when healing people 2000 years ago. But he never used any instruments /machines . He was able to tune in just by his own energy field.

  5. A very good friend introduced me to your ebook and now we both subscribe to your newsletters. The information is valued, even “downunder” here in Australia where we have all the same issues and tyrannical health systems.

  6. Thank you so much for this valuable information and for your generosity in sharing this vital work. Araura

  7. I have a friend who has a recurrence of lung cancer, is there an alternative to chemo and radiation that you can recommend for her?

    • Margaret,
      You must refer your friend to the information I provide.
      I cannot do consultations via this blog.
      Regards, Keith

  8. Thanks Prof for your kindness and magnanimity in sharing valuable info generously. Mega blessings. Tony Akinyemi. Lagos, Nigeria (West Africa)

  9. Hi Keith,
    I have been reading your newsletter for a while and have Cancer Confidential.
    Perhaps this (Cancer Research Secrets) should be called an updated edition?
    It is very good nevertheless and I look forward to research updates.
    Check out Cancer Research UK / Medicinal Mushrooms.
    See also Robert Rogers & Martin Powell, who both have excellent texts on clinical uses of mushrooms.
    Would you write a chapter on psychoneuroimmunology, please?

  10. Hi ! I just bought your book on Cancer Secrets… my mom passed away from breast cancer a few years ago.. I wish I’d have read your book before that happened ! Thanks for all your work, and please keep me posted on new developments on alternative cancer treatments..


  12. Just finished my first read of your book. Very informative and helpful. Thank you so much.
    Re: flax seed oil and the need for sulfur.
    I have a friend who was doing the flax seed/cottage cheese thing and I am positive it was helping, but, decided she could no longer stomach the concoction.
    In you book you suggest flax seed/plus eggs. I do not think that will fly with her. Do you think using flax seed mixed with MSM powder could be an alternative? Say put in a shake or something.

      • Thank you for your quick response. I have another question. Your article on MMS is very good and I would like to follow up with my friend.
        I Googled MMS and got tons of sites. I think I have sorted and found the authentic one but am not sure.
        Is there a preferred web site to buy MMS solution and do you know it?
        It is great to have a balance between the Health Ranger and conventional thought!!!

  13. Prof. – I’ve been with you for a while now, as you know, and have just now downloaded “Cancer Research Secrets”. Notice that you are a bit thin on Hydrogen Peroxide. Big (1000%) discrepancies exist on the net on the question of dosages – vis – three drops three times a day of 3% thru’ 35%. All start with 3 drops, but recommendations are there for everything from 10 drops to 25 drops at the top end, and for BOTH 3% and 35% – food grade only of course. I will watch the updates for your consideration of the issue in the hope that you will address it..!

    • Be very careful in diluting 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. Due to it’s high level of Oxygen it could give a burne .Must be diluted in the correct amounts and with filtered water. The final solutions should come down to 1% to 3% or even lower according to the Doctor giving the recommendations.

  14. Hi Prof
    Just been reading the download of your book and came across this on page 103:

    Across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, testicular cancer rates have doubled in the past half-century. That has led some researchers to suggest that the upward trend might be due to a simultaneous and comparable rise in the use of marijuana. [Source: Feb. 9th 2009 online issue of the journal Cancer]

    There seems to be a trend towards thinking that mobile phones carried in the pocket contribute to testicular problems.

  15. Yes I have just logged in after downloading your book ‘Cancer Confidential’. I have been reading your e-mails for some time but at 85 I do sometimes forget things such as ‘Am I already a member?’ Any information on reviving
    memories?!! Kath Willis in the U.K.

  16. Hello Prof
    i am mohd from Malaysia
    Just purchase printed copy version of your book.
    2 years back i had lost my best friend.He have big tumor in his eyes.
    I have watch peoples dying miserably using hospital types of treatment.
    And i also had witness peoples using all these so call holistic medicine especially leaterile and herbs from homeopathy practitioner ,but still dying from the treatment.
    I wanted to learn from your vast experience on what actually goes wrong with holistic medicine as i can read from the internet some peoples are successfully survive by using these holistic treatment.I believed something , somewhere is not right or missing in using these holistic protocols.
    Thank you for writing the books and hope to learn from it to helps other peoples.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hello Mohd,
      You hit on a keen point. Many people, I think, believe that holistic cancer treatment is magic and always works.
      It doesn’t. It works sometimes; chemo works sometimes.
      I honestly don’t think anyone has done proper figures on which scores better.
      I do know there are about 12 million survivors who used chemo, in the US alone.
      The main point is that holistic is kinder, gentler, and if the results should be about the same, would more sense.
      But you will find me in the book criticize certain unquestioned myths, like laetrile. It doesn’t work, so far I am concerned.
      You will hear may say over and over that testimonials are not science. If you do NOTHING people will recover and you’ll get testimonials!

  17. Hello Prof,
    I’ve downloaded your book yesterday just to read your opinion about theDr. Johanna Budwig concoction, which I’ve been eating every evening since about one month back. I’m adding a heaped teaspoonful of strong Madras curry to the oil before blending it with the cottage cheese. It tastes great! Do you approve?
    Vili Török
    Sweden and Hungary

    • Totally approve Vilmos. Curcumin has its own action!
      Just remember Budwig’s full protocol included much more than just flax oil and cottage cheese! But it’s a start.

  18. Thank you for your generosity in making a place available where people can get updates on the latest research and information in viable alternative approaches to cancer.
    I am an alternative health care provider (chinese medicine) and the most difficult thing I deal with in helping a patient with cancer, is finding current information to give them to read, so that they can make up their own mind about which approach they feel is right for them. I do have several of the books that are out that discuss alternative approaches, but often, the choices are overwhelming, and some are outdated.
    So I appreciate having your book and this accompanying site to refer them to, to make their situation easier to navigate.
    Thanks again, and please keep up this great work!

    • Hi Marley . go to this web site as you will get articles and many books written in layman’s language. a publishing company . the editor Le Euler is committed to researching all articles/book to prove their truth and effective treatments. free emails and books to buy via post . Also Bill Henderson has visited many clinics so can give names of Doctors email and postal addresses in USA , Mexico , Germany , etc. so you can consult directly .”www.cancerdefeated.com” I know the Prof: is aware of this Pub: company .

  19. Hi
    I have just become acquainted with Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C and it’s possible use as an alternative to intravenous Vit C as an intervention in Cancer. The information suggests that it is a lipid based delivery to the target cells. This seems to be in concert with DR Revici’s theories on delivery of chemo agents to a cancer.
    What is your impression and am I jumping to conclusions?

  20. I am so looking forward to receiving this book. I am against conventional cancer treatment (and hope I never get cancer) but look forward to all of your knowledgeable directions.

  21. I have just downloaded your book and look forward to reading it, but have a question for you: are you the same Dr Mumby who wrote a book on food allergies? And if so is therre any chance that that is or will become available in e form? I lent mine to my Homeopath – and ended up buying another to give him. Then he lent that to a patient and came back to borrow mine again as material for a lecture he was to give (he had lent his own to a patient who forgot to return it – he did return mine eventually) and as I travel a lot it would be great to have it in eform if it exists. Thanks.

  22. Prof. Keith – I am very excited to include Cancer Research Secrets to my own private cancer research library. I am a cancer (colon) survivor (via holistic alternative treatment only) and would never consider the barbaric conventional treatments that the AMA pushes on the people as “cancer treatments” (misnomer!) Thanks, Kat

  23. I’m so happy to find out about your book and I look forward to receiving it!
    Unfortunately, my husband passed away almost one year ago of leukemia. I did alot of research and I believe in a holistic approach to cancer versus chemotherapy. I watched him suffer terribly with the chemotherapy treatments and I made up my mind that I would never do chemotherapy should I develop cancer.. Thank you for writing the book…

    • I don’t think I’d do chemo either Catherine.
      But I do think it’s important to let people choose.
      There is a tendency to scoff at those who adopt chemo.
      It’s their life! Their choice!

      • I believe there about 6 clinics around the world who will test a sample of Tumor and send back the results on the correct Chemo to use. Sorry I cannot remember the link to them . Perhaps Prof knows of these clinics. This makes it much more effective with chemo. Also believe a low dose chemo with supplementary Nutrients to protect the patient. . No hair loss. no internal bleeding . Pt feels well all the time.

    • Thanks so much Frikkie.
      Let me have your mail address. I have a video of the first part of the talk I’ll be doing in S Africa. It was me doing it at Oxford University. I’ll send it to you. You’ll get an idea what’s coming 🙂

  24. Looking forward to your book. I hear a lot of pros and cons on sugar. That cancer feeds on sugar. What are your thoughts.

  25. Prof. Keith: Have received your e-mails for many months, but never bought any
    of your books till today. Just ordered “Cancer Research Secrets” for my Cancer
    solutions library. For my ‘basic’ health maintenance I now take 1000 to 2000mg
    a day of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C (The book “Primal Panacea” by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD says it all about the MANY health benefits of this Vitamin C. Safe
    as water, by the way). Also, I’ve used store bought Sea Salt for several years,
    but after reading David Brownstein’s book “SALT, Your Way to Health”, it became
    quite clear how bad/dangerous? regular “Refined” Salt is, how ‘low salt diets’ are bad for health, and how Unrefined Sea Salt has MANY benefits, and will actually LOWER blood pressure! I just ordered 2 pounds of Celtic Sea Salt to make sure I’m getting the best quality. I’m taking 1/4 teaspoon of Sea Salt in water (mine is 99.9% pure) twice a day. Bob Livingston (good newsletter guy) says he cut his blood pressure medication in half doing this. I’m not ‘pushing’ these books, but they sure opened my eyes to some basics in keeping the body healthy. I get a lot of natural health info, and am going to mention one more book in case people have trouble with Arthritis. The many testimonials sound too good to be true, but I ordered the product to see if it will help my knees. I’m just trying to be helpful here, so please check out the web site for yourself at http://www.artrosiliumusa.com
    Anyway, that’s probably enough of my input. Look forward to reading “Cancer Research Secrets. Jim Howe

    • In cities with fluoridated water supply. please be aware that Fluoride can accumulate in the joints and cause inflammation and mimics arthritis. A water filter that filters fluoride is essential and detox diet quickly draws out the Fluorosis and the pain disappears. ?? No more imitation arthritis. I’m a retired Nurse. I have seen disabled people 30 years old plus with badly mottled teeth . ?? toothpaste with fluoride. Parent / carer brushes child’s teeth but instead of spitting out they swallow it. High levels of fluoride in the body .. I just mentioned 2 complaints against SODIUM fluoride and the accompanying chemicals they use to put in water supplies and tooth paste. . In some plants green vegetables trace amounts of CALCIUM fluoride is found and the body uses this.

      • water filters that filter sodium fluoride may also filter minerals. ? reverse osmosis. be aware you may need mineral supplements or watch your diet for extra minerals.

  26. Thanks for this wonderful book! I’m amazed that you find time do all that you accomplish! Do you do speed reading? If so, please tell us how or where you learned. I have give away dozens of copies of your Virtual Medicine editions to patients and doctors who refer to my biological dentistry practice. I also have the scenar devices. Do you know about the ZMR device developed by Dr Bodo Koller of Germany? You are an amazing multitalented genius! I have problems just to find enough time to get through my day, let alone find time to write (which I would like to do). Thanks for all the great things you have done for humankind and the rest of creation!

  27. I have not received a copy yet. I am in remission. I have/had leukemia. I do believe food has a great deal with getting cancer. I must give up sugar. Is it just sugar? If used moderately, does it have any effect? Hopefully, I will get a lot of info from your book that I have just ordered. Thank you!

  28. Hi Prof, I have just ordered your book today because I was impressed
    with your statements about cancer control, and that you would be mad to surrender to conventional care, because it’s clear that the cancer industry is NOT about curing or even helping people, it’s about profits. They don’t want cures as can be seen by the fury with which they attack doctors who promote safe and cheap alternatives to their cruel “death machine.” You go on to say that cancer can be prevented as well as treated successfully, and that you can only stay safe if you know what you are up against. Remember, cancer is self-
    inflicted damage. It comes as a result of our unhealthy lifestyle! I can
    understand that Prof Keith in the Worlds Adult population! What I find hard to understand is “WHY do Babies and young Children get cancer”
    surely they are not old enough to self-inflict damage upon themselves?
    Regards, Gordon Cowx.(Retired Ex. British Pat now living in the warmer climes of the Turkish Med.)

    • We all live in a sea of carcinogens, Gordon. Babies are being fed milk by eskimos mother’s that’s loaded with pollutants.
      Plus, there is a genetic element.

  29. I have just order cancer secrets. On tv in Australia they say one out of evrru two people will get cancer. I have six children and knowing that makes me feel sick. I am going to read your book and learn as much about cancer and prevention. Also to teach my children everthing that i will learn. Thank you so much

  30. Have recently completed “chemo” and radiation treatmment for inoperable lung cancer . . .NEVER AGAIN . . .am familiar short survival rate (18 mos.) . . .since am not ready to guive up,look foward to receiving “cancer research secrets”…thank you for beying there . . .Vince

    • Best of luck Vergilio . Labor Under Correct Knowledge. I’m a retired Nurse and have read testimonials of ppl that have recovered from Lung cancer. .I just received my book read 1/2 of it and found a friend in another state with bowel cancer. early stage . sent the book to him I have an online copy .

  31. Dear Prof.
    I have received your book, How To Survive in a World Without Antibiotics and am now looking forward to Cancer Research Secrets.

    Thanking you

    M L Price


  33. just ordered cancer secrets. i was stage 4 colon cancer and it was onmy liver. surgery has cleaned it up. hoping your book will help me to start on further holistic treatments. i refuse to have chemo etc.

  34. Thanks very much for all the work you do, doctor! Since discovering your work in the summer, my health is much improved! I look forward to learning more from you here at this site.

  35. I”m looking forward to reading your book on cancer and wish to learn all I can about this rampant disease. We didn’t have all of this kind of nonsense going on when we grew up. It’s stated that in many other countries, they never get cancer and this shows that something suspicious and unnecessary is going on in this country to cause all of the sickness transpiring everyday. I’ve noticed that on news reports etc. that BioModified foods, plastics, growth hormones in the meats, high fructose corn syrup and many more things are contributing to illness in the nation. Also a good thing to realize is that without sickness, there’s no need for a trip to the doctor or hospitalization. Since this is true it seems to me that sickness today is a big money maker and without it there would be no need for health insurance which we didn’t need years ago. And in turn has lead to O-care!!!

    • Back in the early 1900s scientists started to concentrate natural compounds to become chemicals. and they made artificial chemicals. And as more of these were used in agriculture and for general use the incidence of cancer went up with it.

  36. Received the Cancer Secrets a couple days ago. Already learned some things that I had thought was right and it’s great to have this for reference. I have so many books on the subject of Cancer and it’s always good for me to learn something, even though I don’t think I have cancer.
    Keep up the good work with helping us with the health subjects.

  37. I just received your book and plan to read it in the next few days. I was told in August of 2011 that I had breast cancer that had metastasized to my bones and that I had two months to live. I have not done chemo or radiation. I have taken a monthly shot (x-geva) and spasmodic use of tamoxifen and anastrozole. I used Laetrile, Paw Paw Cell Regulator, Laminine, and have been making changes in my eating habits. It has been a roller coaster with my Cancer Marker going up, down, up, down, and most recently up, up, up. The good news is that I am still alive. I have quit Laetrile since reading your opinion and look forward to reading your book. Laminine was formulated by a medical doctor in the 1920’s but only reintroduced two years ago. I would love your opinion…http://eggoflife.com/lana

    • Please escalate food transitions to your #1 priority Lana.
      You are doing great. Get this solid step behind you, as you explore alternatives.
      PS I’m off to read your Lamanine link

      • Right, read the Laminine web page Lana. Not a single sentence of science on it anywhere, just claims. (not one statement of what it does backed up by a proper scientific study)
        Make sure you include plenty of things that are proven: low impact foods, oxygen, enzymes,

  38. can hardly wait to read hard copy book of cancer research/alternatives! unfortunately found out in feb/march THIS YR that my breast cancer has returned from 2yrs ago after a lumpectomy was done the first time. then my treatment was left in the hands of conventional medicine but NOT THIS TIME! funny thing was after surgery I asked cancer doc about reoccurrence and was told there was”NOTHING U CAN DO TO PREVENT THIS AGAIN!” ( Cancer Treatment Centers of America) so at this point I am getting my immune system built back up,detoxing my body gradually,changing my diet/nutrition, and whatever else possible. I have multiple medical/hereditary issues that overshadow health in general (usually told by docs that I am a very COMPLICATED CASE, by whatever specialty I see/examined by) thank you for imparting knowledge in the manner that you have and godspeed to you/family.

    • Right approach Sylvia,
      Like you will read in the book, you need to make this a new “career” till you beat it down… put almost all your attention on it.
      This time don’t omit emotional cleansing either. All cancers have causes: find them and root them out!

  39. I have seen many remedies online about cancer treatments but your book is the first one I have felt called to purchase. I am a cancer survivor although my doctors were not thrilled when I chose not to do chemotherapy. I followed my first “intuitive flash” that I received as soon as I felt the lump in my breast. I was first to find a doctor who would remove only the lump and I did radiation to that area. Second, I changed my diet to vegan at the time although I am now vegetarian. I also did 12 weeks of colonics which made me feel so good that I changed my career from being a medical technologist to become a colon hydrotherapist and massage therapist. That was back in 1995.

    I am looking forward to reading your book and seeing what else I can do to stay healthy. It is good to find people who are not intimidated by the AMA or run out of town on a rail by the FDA.

  40. been reading for years different treatments for cancer,but this is the best at giving both sides positives and negative influences, have tried some of the methods like essiac tea , apricot kernals, myself first before recommending to other people although i havent been diagnosed with cancer, my sister who currently has a rare type of melanoma, is trying apricot kernals and essiac tea after being told by christies they cant do any more for her.
    we are looking into immune rebuilding, something known as G c M A F, if you or anybody reading this knows anything about this i would be grateful. many thanks in advance!

  41. Hi, I have a few cancer books which mostly all say similar things.. I have also bought yours in digital format, August 8th of this year 2013 I went in with a sharp pain in abdomen area, it was my appendix which I thought was the issue, when they went in they found a large grapefruit sized tumor that spread to my lymphs and was removed along with those 12 lymphs, I keep getting pushed to do chemo and radiation and refuse to do it especially since I’ve heard when cancer is big & spreaded already it is worse to do chemo & radiation, not so much if it was smaller.. I am scared but try not to think of it so much, I have became a vegan, well honestly a couple of times a month I still eat some meat or eggs but 99% of my diet is whole foods and greens, I bought a juicer, colloidal silver generator, taking supplements that all have cancer fighting ingredients, also a industrial ionic foot bath and I am looking into getting a far-infrared suana, and starting a exersize regimine..I hope your book can also help, Please everyone wish me luck, it has been since August and I will be going in to get a pet scan soon, which I KNOW I should have already done but have not… again wish me luck! I sincerely need it.. thanks !

      MY EMAIL IS macrojurasico@gmail.com i have some tips than can help you as i am a survivor of BONES CANCER (MULTIPLE MIELOMA)

  42. My excitement of having the login access has taken a quick dive since I don’t always login from the same computer or location. The restriction will limit my time of access considerably. Still, it’s great to have the access even if it’s restricted. Many thanks for the opportunity.

  43. I was diagnosed with colon cancer April 5, 2013 – my 79th birthday. I did have the tumor removed however decded against chemo at that point. Instead I began Essiac Tea. Cancer numbers dropped dramatically by October, however the numbers are on the rise since Februrary 2014. A pet scan showed cancer in my neck lymphnodes. My Oncologist is somewhat stumped. No cancer in any organs. So, I continue with the full doage of Essiac and keeping an eye on the progress of my numbers. Doc is willing to work on anything I want to do – he is not pushing chemo. He told me this is the first time he has ever seen colon cancer not go to organs, but to the neck. Hmmm. Think the Essiac might be doing its job? We’ll see. Showlady

  44. I wish to have had this book 15 years ago when I had a malignant tumor in my left kidney that had to be removed straight away as it was about the size of a golf ball and was going to break out of my kidney. The situation was not know until the monday morning when I went to my GP and was on the operating table on Thursday morning.
    No problems since. Keep up the good work
    Ross Swadling

  45. Thank you, Professor, for your dedication and excellent work. It’s very good to know that you sincerely care by placing reason at the forefront and not rationalizing for monetary profit. I commend you, sir!

  46. Just bought your book. I have a colleague who received cyberknife treatment for a brain tumor, is actually receiving chemotherapy for a tumor in the lung (stage 4). After a recent PET scan, there is a probability of a colon tumor. Is there still an opportunity if she follows your book?

  47. I divide my time between three locations, one in Tennessee, one in Michigan, and one in Colorado. Will that cause a problem in my accessing this site?

  48. I am very excited about this informative web site.I know it will help me in my battle with this scourge of humanity.

  49. What do you know about neuroblastoma in children? My granddaughter had it at age 2, received all known treatments and was in remission for 3 years but it is back again.

    • You need to get the What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY) issue on homeopathy
      and cancer. Good remission from homeopathic Phytolacca and Carsinosin with neuroblastoma

  50. Hi I was diagnosed stage 2 ER+ breast in 2009. I didn’t do anything my oncologist told me except reluctantly Tamoxifen (at a lower dose than recommended until I weaned myself off it). I kept tumor in check (refused mammograms with Dr.s permission but bullied to get them by diagnostic staff every time I went for ultrasound instead). Was working with nutritionist who insisted I have my silver amalgams removed (have since learned this is a bad idea with active tumor) – and ended up with mercury poisoning and thyroiditis from it which caused tumor to triple at end of 2013. Now pushed by oncologist to pretty much have surgery and radiation or die – I met with surgeon who showed me pictures of women with breast tumors like mine bursting through skin in a fetid disgusting mess and she swore she could help me with surgery, radiation and chemo. I couldn’t do it. I ordered Defeat Cancer and read it 3 times.
    Ended up choosing a place in AZ for alternative treatment (IPT, raw food, juice, nutritional IV’s, detox, etc.). Thought I could get something paid for by insurance so had oncologist order port before I left – but surgeon nicked my lung – and I ended up in hospital on cardiac floor (well, on the third ambulance ride in following the surgery as my BP kept plummeting and I kept passing out). They declared I had pneumonia as well as the pneumothorax and pumped me full of antibiotics and insisted I take a pill “because everyone on this floor has to take it”. I had been riding my bike 5 miles the weekend before this happened. When I was released I was to fly to AZ in 3 days but now banned from flying. I couldn’t walk more than a few steps. My boyfriend drove me to AZ and the MD there told him he couldn’t leave me alone as I was now too sick to be on my own (oh and none of the medical tests from the hospital indicated I had ever had pneumonia). Sorry so much info just a warning about conventional care.

    I requested a methylation test because I knew the product samE helped me tremendously and turns out I had the A1298C heterogeneous defect. I did 6 rounds of IPT but even that was too much for me to detox properly. The MD there confirmed what I intuitively knew – conventional chemo would have killed me. So, all that to ask this? Shouldn’t methylation issues be addressed for anyone with immune issues? Thoughts?

    BTW I was last diagnosed as “soft” stage 4 as I had cells behaving badly in lymph as well. I have been winging it on my own since August – with daily green juice, infrared sauna, coffee enemas, and various supplements, meditation and rebounding. Tumor (still present, now softer and flatter) on thermogram showed as normal breast tissue. Cells in lymph were still lighting up. Just ordered your Cancer book – will see where to go from here!
    Thanks for what you do.

    • It is 2 years since your post. Hopefully you are fully recovered by now.
      Regarding breast tumors, I have just finished reading several books on iodine, and in several women report that painting iodine (Lugols) on breast, including the nipple, facilitated by some coconut oil helped them to shrink tumors. It seems that breasts are in great need of iodine, and store it.

  51. Hi, I have been following you and Dr. Jonathan Wright for a while now and highly value your information. It’s a tough world out there with the FDA and Big Pharma protecting their interests.
    This latest thing about trying to ban Roundup is an example, to my mind. The latest studies, they say, shows that Roundup may cause cancer. Well since Big Pharma runs The FDA it would be against their interest (Big Pharma) to ban Roundup and therefore reduce their income from the products they sell to the public. I don’t know why that thought would pop into my head, but it did.
    Anyway good job and I’m looking forward to following your thoughts on cancer.

  52. I need to keep fit as I have had to look after a husband diagnosed with MND, sadly he died three months ago but I have not been able to look after myself properly which is necessary as I have a handicapped son to look after as well as myself at the moment and I am not young!

  53. I have been following you for several years and really appreciate all the information you have been providing. I have treated myself for 8 years with PCa and based upon 8 years of research and trials and errors I am in the best health of my life and enjoying my life with PCa. PCa gave me a chance to change my life in 180degree directions and I have accomplished that for the betterment of my health. Thank you for all that you do.

    Gene Slattery

  54. We have choices! Thankfully, I intuitively knew that I would rather perish than endure a double mastectomy and everything Western medicine brings to the surgical table. It’s information. That’s the key opening the door to MANY choices! Your book, “Cancer Research Secrets” is a great collection of choices; thank you.

  55. I have done a fair amount of research on cancer treatment, both with main stream medical and naturopathic. With all I have accumulated, it is but a grain of sand on the beach of cancer, so your research is both welcomed and needed. Please keep me abreast of new information you come upon. Thank you for your time and years of effort.

  56. Hi, I just received your cancer secrets book today. I have HER2 breast cancer, diagnosed 2 months ago. I have 6 tumors, 3 on each side. I met with the oncologist today for the first time who of course wants me to have chemo plus a hormone blocker for 5 years. I don’t have a stage yet, as I plan to have a double mastectomy in April when they will determine the stage. A PET scan next week will tell me how bad this is. I had planned to do a combo of various alternative treatments at home until today. I knew I would be pressured to do chemo, and I thought I could be strong enough to tell him no, but now the fear is taking over and I’m doubting my plan. This oncologist is very well respected in my area, and he told me the alternative options would not help. I’m hoping your book will help me decide what to do. Thank you for providing information to people who just aren’t ready to die yet!

  57. Just to let you know I live in UK and Philippines so will be accessing the account from both locations. Hope you don’t shut me down. Regards Chris Hamlin

  58. I share nutritional information with everyone I meet. I almost died on the tennis court in 1974 and spent 11 days on IV with what the doctor said was the worst case of viral pneumonia of anyone he had ever seen who lived. When I got out of the hospital, I was introduced to Shaklee nutrition, the #1 all natural nutritional company in the US. Currently I am in my 85th year of life and take NO/ZERO drugs of any kind. I have never taken a flu shot and never had the flu. I prefer to strengthen my immune system through Shaklee and let it protect me from illness of any kind. I have worked with savant artists with autism for over 40 years and have seen the rise in autism go for 1 in 10,000 to 1-56!
    The number of childhood vaccinations have likewise exploded from 8 to 72 for children birth to 18 years old. I have no doubt there is a relationship.
    Laurence A. Becker, PhD

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