From time to time I get instructive stories from my subscribers. Like this one from Debbie. It’s very inspiring!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer between Christmas and New Year and the evening that I had my first scan and mammogram I happened upon the documentary ‘A World without Cancer” and knew straight away that the way that the doctors wanted to treat me was not right for me. I practically spent every waking hour googling natural cancer cures and came across Mistletoe therapy amounst other treatments.I was a walking organic grocery shop with my Phillips juicer.Through my searches I came across Dr Maurice Orange clinic in Tonbridge Kent at the Raphael medical center and started Mistletoe therapy with him in February 2011.

He supported my decision that I did not want chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but still said to keep an open mind about them. But I am stubborn and was adamant that there is a way to beat cancer without such horrible barbaric poisions.

I had the tumor injected and also had an IV of the solutuion.

I experienced the expected fever for about 3 days on the second appointment when I had my first proper treatment. The tumour also swelled and was very tender. But it didn’t scare me or freak me out. It was uncomfortable being very restless and sweaty for about 4 days and basically feeling wiped out, and during this very calm.

I had a series of treatments from February to May which was the last time I saw Dr Orange and I have had a couple treatments since he left with his replacement.
We couldn’t believe how much smaller the tumour had become and how fast.

My tumour was about the size and hardness of a walnut and now we could barely find it! I am thrilled.

BUT I did do all the other stuff too that you as a patient must take responsibility for.

DIET… juiced the shelves of Waitrose dry,
I also follow the Dr Johanna Bugwig flaxseed and quark twice a day with juiced lemon, tastes gorgeous.

Alkaline the body and only eat organic, ( ok 90% is organic and yes I have cheated and yes I felt guilty). And I drink alkaline water and have a chansen water water filter.

I now inject myself weekly and my second scan showed the tumour had reduced from 3.5 cms x 2.5, largest measurement was 4 cms and could easily be found.

The shadow that was there is now 2.5 by 2 cms.

But I can’t feel it, and I am constantly feeling my boobs!

I am expecting some scar tissue from the tumour being injected but the ultrasound should be able to tell the difference between the two.

The NHS have not helped me at all, and basically discharged me ‘ treatment not needed” is what they said because I dare refuse their “gold standard treatment” and dare to question them. I requested a second appointment to see the first doctor in July and was told October, now its end of November. Just as well I am very happy with my informed decision not to allow them to poison and slash me.

I know that I will have to keep and eye on my illness for the rest of my life, and I will forever be grateful to Dr Orange and his small and dedicated team and they really are health professionals and Mistletoe therapy SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE who wants it.

I could tell you all so much more about what I have learned , just there is soooo much!

Love to all



Here’s another:

Here’s a heart-warming story from an 86-year old man, who fully recovered (can’t say “cured”), using information from my report “Cancer Research Secrets”.

Dear Dr. Scott-Mumby,

Just a note to let you know that I had 4th stage colon cancer (the upper region) with a tumor over 6 inches long and have now been declared “cancer free” by my oncologist, after a PET scan.

The growth had spread to my duodenum, necessitating a 3-hour operation for its removal.  After the surgery I started one of the many options you suggested in your book of “Cancer Research Secrets”.  It apparently worked and, as forecast by you, I was declared cancer free by my oncologist (4 and 1/2 months after the ops), though he was not too happy about me going for the alternative route rather than his chemo.

I am now on 4 drops once a week for a maintenance dosage.

I was a little surprised that I recovered (PET scan) in so little time too. I’ll be having a colonoscopy in about two months time and we will get a visual check then.

Even with the best of results from a surgery (no lymph node positives anywhere near the operation zone) I still believe that the equipment (PET, C-Scan, or others) are limited in the size of cancer that can get the very best “look see” available and for this reason I am continuing the maintenance schedule of once each week 4 drops twice before bed time.

My oncologist tried to be joyful in giving me the “news” of being cancer free, but I could tell he was not happy that it was not his chemo (he tried twice to get me to take this), which put me into the cancer free situation.  He didn’t want to even hear what I was using, but commented (“keep doing what you are doing”).

When I was on the operation table (3 hours) another surgeon who was working on another case near by was called in to look at me and seeing 4th stage cancer plus the spreading over to my duodenum said, “put in a by pass and sow him up and send him home.”

Luckily for me my Doc had noted I was really younger than my 86 years and said to himself the extra time for the operation on the spreading could be handled physically by me.

He had inserted into my nose and on to my duodenum a double hose for draining.  Coming out of my morphine after the ops I was not fully aware that this was placed so far into me (and its importance) and after three days having this hose hanging out of my nose and thinking it was probably only a few inches into my nose area, I pulled it out.  When I got to near two feet I started thinking maybe I should not have pulled it out!  My surgeon didn’t get mad, but told my nurses they better pray for me for I’ll need it pretty badly. Afterwards when I walked into his offices he called me “His Miracle Man.”

Again thanks a lot Dr. Scott-Mumby for you invaluable help with which I wouldn’t even be here now!

I have gained 12 pounds and am holding steady at 147 lbs, plus I am feeling the best I have in over several years time, getting 5 to 7 hours sleep between trips to the bathroom, now against my earlier 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours sleep cycles pre-surgery.  My energy is slowly returning after 5 to 6 years having not much and tired mostly.  Now taking D-ribose (ATP for energy fuel to mitochondria) which made an immediate increase in energy.

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your insights and your discussions of the numerous options to think about before making these kinds of decisions.  Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Neale Ensign, Melbourne, Florida.

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  1. !5 months ago I had a brain tumour removed. Prior to this I had a burning rubber smell in my nose and a metallic taste in my mouth. I was told I was epileptic which I thought was rubbish. These sensations would occur every 3 – 5 days and I sensed when they would be occuring. I thought my problems were due to my sinuses and went to my GP and told him this. He gave me antibiotics for my sinuses and these sensations disappeared and I knew that they were not coming back. A week later I was diagnosed with a brain tumour ( a who grade 2 oligodendroglioma ). Before and since my operation these sensations have not returned although I have to go and see another consultant about radiotherapy or chemotherapy. I wonder if Professor Lisanti’s view of antibiotics would be more appropriate treatment than radio or chemo.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve just found your site I very keen to read your book please can you tell me where I can get it, I had breast cancer diagnosis in January had an op then ended my radiotherapy early as it didn’t feel right. I’ve now found a lump in my other breast and have an oncology appointment tomorrow and don’t want to go the conventional route. I live in the UK please can you help.
    Thanks Jayne.

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